Market Opportunity

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There is a general concern about the current housing situation in the United States. We understand that the recovery process for residential real estate in specific areas of the U.S. will take significant time to improve. However, the multi-family apartment business, which produces a positive cash flow, is very different from ownership of single-family homes or condominiums. Regardless of the economy, families need a place to live, thus creating a constant demand in the rental apartment industry. In short, we view the current real estate market as a great investment opportunity to purchase commercial apartments.

One thing we have learned from being in the residential apartment business for the past 25+ years is that your profit is earned on the day you purchase a property. If you purchase at a low enough price, you can overcome the numerous obstacles which the market presents. Many of the properties LN is currently evaluating have been poorly managed by the prior owners as well as the banks and government agencies that currently hold them. This allows us to purchase properties at deep discounts and, most importantly, allows us to negotiate the terms and conditions based on our investors’ needs. The combination of below-market purchase prices and our proven track record of value-added construction and property management allows us to generate above-industry-average profits for investors. (Click to review LN’s project history)

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