About LN Development Group, LLC

LN Development Group, LLC (“LN”) was established by Robert A. Nass and Jonathan J. Lichtman who have been business partners since 1992 and they have over fifty years experience in strategic real estate acquisitions specializing in rental apartment complexes located in the Southeastern United States.

LN and its team of advisors have become extremely skilled in evaluating the timing of the commercial apartment market in addition to identifying, acquiring, upgrading, and managing properties that generate large amounts of positive cash flow. Our philosophy has always been that an investor’s profits are earned the day a property is purchased. A well-financed, low-priced property investment will, at all times, buffer market cycles and the numerous challenges that arise throughout the property’s history. LN only buys properties that are selling at a discount to both market value and replacement cost and have a large upside potential for our investors.(Click to review LN’s project history)

Our business model – to treat investors with honesty, integrity and accessibility – has been highly regarded by investors and competitors alike. First and foremost, the financial interest of our investors always comes first. We focus on properties that will generate an annual pre-tax Internal Rate of Return in excess of 14% per year (including distributions from operations, refinancing and sale) which will enable us to make a minimum cash distribution to investors from operations of 7-8% per year. Properties meeting LN’s exacting criteria are packaged into separate limited liability companies and sold to investors through private placements. (Click here to see Investment Summary and Purchase Methodology for Camaron at Woodcrest)

The Principals

Jonathan J. Lichtman, President, is an attorney and has extensive experience in the financial and legal aspects of purchasing apartment complexes and creating real estate syndications. Mr. Lichtman has worked with Mr. Nass to purchase and manage many of the properties described on the Project History page. He also has acted as a general partner and owner of numerous real estate partnerships in New York and Florida. Mr. Lichtman performs and/or coordinates the legal aspects of property acquisition including third-party financing, the preparation of an Offering Memorandum to raise capital for the acquisition and other legal matters associated with the ownership of apartment complexes. View resume.

Robert A. Nass, Executive Vice President, has been in the real estate development business since 1973 during which time he has purchased, renovated, managed and sold many apartment complexes, office buildings and hotels. For the past 35 years Mr. Nass has owned Landmasters, Inc., a fully-licensed construction company, that coordinates all renovations to the acquired properties. He also owns RAN Management, Inc., a full- service property management firm that manages the properties. View resume.

Jared Lichtman, Vice President – Acquisitions, joined LN Apartment Holdings parent company back in 2006 after a successful appointment as a real estate analyst with one of the largest banks in the Southeast United States. Since joining LN and working closely with Robert Nass he has honed his abilities to identify, analyze and prepare properties for acquisition. His role has been a critical component of LN’s operations considering the large amount of inventory that has to be scrutinized on a weekly basis. Jared received his BA from Montclair State with a heavy emphasis in business and finance.

This is not an offer to sell securities. Any such offer must be made upon review of an Offering Memorandum
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